Folding chairs -- I knew them as "bridge " chairs that went around a square bridge table. Not the all-fabric ones into which you fall, and then have trouble getting out.
I m looking for old dolls to use for Halloween. Broken or dirty is great. Thank you
I would love moving boxes of any size in good condition! Need to declutter 26 years of stuff...
Hope all is well...My sister is in dire need of a washing machine to wash her childs clothing...If anyone possible know of one it would be greatly appreciated!
Hi guys! I'm in search for any gently used baby items. Whatever you have to spare. Please let me know if you have anything you could help with!
Just a regular table.. do not care of condition just cant be broken
I am looking for small to medium maternity clothes in good condition. Thanks!
I d love a large fabric covered pin board
Do you have any extra wood laying around you are not using? Or even an old deck or wood fence? I am in search of wood for a dog house. Thanks!
Looking for a clean queen sized bed with frame,mattress and box springs if needed ..based on the bed type. Thanks!!!
i am looking for 2t+ boy clothes for my son, thank you
Our old grill gave out on us. Looking for a hand-me-down.
Need a practice drum set will come and take off your hands. Thanks so much!
I am looking for some jutte fabric for a project in my basement. Anyone has extra laying around?
Looking for a Queen sized air mattress. Preferably from a pet free home because of allergies. TIA.
Looking for new, unused newsprint for children's art project
Desperately seeking Vegan cookbooks
Am I a fool for even putting this out there? After being in a car crash and stuck in bed for an extended period of time, all the insurance money and my savings have gone to medical expenses. And now I have no funds to get a car, so I can meet with clients, so I can afford a car. Vicious cycle, right? I am not looking for anything fancy; just for something, as clich as it is to say, that will ge...
I recently found out I can actually paint a decent painting. I need painting pallet knives, paints, canvases, easels, paint brushes. thanks
Doc says no more elliptical for me, but a stationary bike is fine. Hoping someone has one lying around that they could give to a person in need. Thanks so much!
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