This is a stretchy, comfortable dress with a cross design on the front to accentuate the curves of the wearers body! I absolutely love this dress and I find it perfect for vacation or parties!
This is a brand new gingham dress with tags still attached and a whopping retail value of $70! It's gorgeous and has only been worn for trying on.
This is a small Bodycon lace dress from Windsor at a retail price of $35. It's excellent for any occasion and really accentuates the body in a model-esque way!
This is a gorgeous high-low dress from Dillard's with an excellent design and stunning royal purple color. It retailed for around $50 if I'm not mistaken but since the zipper is broken (but can be easily fixed!!!) I'll half it.
This is a brand new powder blue bodysuit with a lace design and a cute pearl button back. It has never been used and tags are still attached!
This is a dress of a WHOPPING $110 value. It is brand new and has tags still attached, and I only wore it for trying it on!! It has excellent quality fabric and a unique design that I enjoy so I'd still like to keep the pricing near its standard. Of course, the pricing is negotiable as always but this is absolutely brand new and again, worth $110!!!
This is a cute statement dress for any occasion whether it's the first date or a school dance! It retails for $50 but I'll only charge half! Only worn a couple times for try on.
This is an absolutely stunning Arden B dress with a unique ruffle and side slit design and excellent quality fabric. Since Arden B is a designer brand, I'd like to keep the value up to its standard. This dress has been worn maybe twice or thrice at most but doesn't deviate far from its original value of $50.
They are UGGs with the usual wear and tear but are in great condition and are of course of a high value! As a brand new item, it'd retail for approximately $100 but since it's been used for a year I'd say it's worth around $20.