I love this guitar so much, not only does it sound amazing, but it is in excellent condition. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone who considers themselves intermediate - advanced. Even then, it is still an amazing electric guitar for beginners. I love this guitar to death and there is nothing wrong with it at all. I have taken good care of it. I also added a small pick holder on the back o...
Good condition. Comes with snare and practice pad. Snare stand and 1 drumstick. Also comes with an Xylophone. No mallets. Xylophone has a couple bars loose but easy to fix
Good condition. Xylophone has a few lose bars but cheap to fix. Comes with a practice pad for the snare drum. Snare stand. 1 drum stick. Lost the other. No mallets for the xylophone.
Good condition Casio Piano for sale. Contact: 4044830687 / 4044748370